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- IT solutions to Specific Functional Subject Matter Expertise -

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Information Technology Solutions

  • Software Development & Maintenance                                  Pivot Path combines the best processes, procedures and people to ensure our Software Development & Maintenance services are of the highest quality and fit for your IT infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Architecture & System Integration                                                Pivot Path delivers enterprise-wide solutions that offer a full, consistent view of the operations. We know how to support large, distributed organizations in building a comprehensive, secured enterprise-wide infrastructure.

  • Database Management                                                                        Pivot Path manages database planning, design, build-out, and implementation activities associated with all size scale projects for our customers.

  • Big Data Analytics 

Pivot Path provides business intelligence and analytics solutions to meet a range of needs from big data integration, business analytics and              intuitive graphical analyses.

Professional Services

  • Project & Program Management Support

Pivot Path leverages Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)®-based management approach and CMMI certified best practices to deliver customers’ specific requirements and desired outcomes.

  • Administrative Support

Pivot Path's experienced administrative support                      professionals understand the client’s environment and are      able to navigate internal and external organizational challenges.

  • Human Capital Management

        Pivot Path optimizes overhead and administrative costs by              streamlining mission support functions (Acquisition, HR, IT,              Finance, Facilities, etc.)

  • Financial Management                                                 

Pivot Path applies all available resources and tools necessary to provide strategy and solutions in the areas of accounting and reporting; audit and resource management.

Clinical Services & Staffing

  • Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) Staffing                        Pivot Path provides a full range of highly-qualified clinical healthcare professionals in support of military and civilian programs.

  • Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety    Pivot Path provides a variety of technical and related support services to radiological control, environmental clean-up and waste management.

  • Healthcare Modernization                                                   Pivot Path provides a variety of technical and related support services to Electronic Health Record Integration, Clinical Advisory Services, and Virtual Health Solutions.

Training & Facilitaion Services

  • Training Curriculum Design                                              Pivot Path evaluates each training need from the learner’s perspective and ensures the training objectives are met through the most learner friendly and successful approach. 

  • E-Learning, Instructional Design & Delivery                  Pivot Path uses the Agile-enhanced ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) model guided by Human Centered Design (HCD) principles to ensure comprehensive development processes that produce highly relevant, instructionally sound training targeted to individual audience types.

  • Professional Meeting Facilitation                                     Pivot Path collaborates with our customers to design the best combination of face-to-face and virtual activities to ensure that the right participants are actively and productively engaged in important meetings or events. 

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