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Contract Vehicles

Efficient Government Procurement Solutions with PivotPath

Pivot Path Solutions is a dedicated service provider to Federal, Civilian and Defense agencies. We provide several procurement vehicles to accommodate our Government Contracting customers. These vehicles streamline processes and procedures and save time and money in IT Services procurement.

Government Contracting
Government Contracting

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)  Contract Holder

Contract Number


Period of Performance
(20 Years)

Base:           4/19/2023 – 4/18/2028 
Option #1:  4/19/2028 – 4/18/2033 
Option #2: 4/19/2033 – 4/18/2038 
Option #3: 4/19/2038 – 4/18/2043

Special Item Numbers (SINs)

  • 54151S Information Technology Professional Services

  • 518210C Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services 

  • 54151HEAL Health Information Technology Services

  • 541611 Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services

  • 611430 Professional and Management Development Training

SBA 8(a) Contract Vehicle

Government Contracting

Decide on an 8(a) contractor? Here's what to do next:

Step 1: Agency Offering (FAR 19.804-2)

  • Send a Letter of Intent that follows the guidelines provided in FAR 19.804-2

  • Email your Letter of Intent to Pivot Path's serving SBA Office at Richmond, VA for acceptance: 

Step 2: SBA Acceptance (FAR 19.804-3 & 13 CFR 124.503(a))

  • Within 2 working days of receipt » Contracts less than $250K

  • Within 5 working days of receipt » Contracts between $250K and $4.5M

  • Within 10 working days of receipt » Contracts greater than $4.5M

Pivot Path Solutions currently has access to the following contract vehicles through our industry partners:​

  • T4NG

  • GSA 8(a) STARS III

  • CIO-SP3

  • GSA Alliant II


  • Navy Seaport-E



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Reach Out to Us

We are a small business and take pride in our focus on providing outstanding customer service. Part of that mentality is simple: be easy to reach. Below are several ways to get in touch with Pivot Path Solutions. Stay tuned and follow us on Social Media!

Company Address:
15517 Tuxedo Ln.,

Gainesville, VA, 20155

Mailing Address:
947-B Russell Ave.,
Gaithersburg, MD, 20879

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